Combination of Split and Column view.


I would like to suggest a new view that combines the split and column view. see the screen shot mock up below.

I use split view a lot - but the problem is that i got many files. often need to scroll a lot in split view to find the right file. especially when folders are open.

column view is great but the editor appears on the bottom of the screen. Most Macs got wide screen, it is not really the best use of the screen space. There is huge wasted space to the right side of the screen for most files.

I think split and column if combined - would utilise the screen space more effectively and make file structure appears more organized and compact.

It’s like three pane view but with the option of the editor appears to the right, rather than the bottom.

Doesn’t View > as Split together with the Widescreen option and Hide Sidebar get the same result? Your mockup separated the group hierarchy and from the group contents (your first and second columns) which uses two columns of real estate when one is sufficient (IMO). But, if you really want the columns, then View > as Three Panes with hidden sidebar and Widescreen on looks a lot like your mockup.

BTW, some Macs have wide screens, I’m not sure “most” Macs do … many of us are working on 11" or 13" MacBooks.

Thanks!! I didn’t know widescreen option does that.