Combine PDF Records

i’m having trouble using the “Combine PDF Records” workflow (that came in the extras folder). i’m a bit new to both Mac’s and DT, so i apologize if i’m missing something very obvious. First i tried to open the workflow and i got an error message saying “rename finder items” couldn’t load because it wasn’t found. so i searched the internet and installed it and was then able to open the workflow in automator. i then tried opening DT and selecting two pdf files then running the workflow from automator. it prompted me for a name, i gave it “test” then a log window came up saying…
/var/folders/ev/evSSzOpsETmvrqHOTmsiwk+++TI/-Tmp-/test “Uknown Format”

then nothing seemed to happen, i thought i’d be able to find a new record in DT, but i searched and didn’t see anything. can you help?


It should be in your database, check the History tool. But since it doesn’t have a file extension, DT can’t figure out what kind of file it is. If you add “.pdf” to the new name, you should be all right.

yes, that did it, thanks!