combine pictures to pdf

Sometimes I end up in a library without a copying machine close or a scanner nearby, so I take pictures of individual pages with my digital camera.

What is the quickest way to combine these images to a pdf file in DTPO ?

Use Automator to achieve this?

since I upgraded to DTPO 2.0, the automator actions for Devon Think are gone.

since I upgraded to DTPO 2.0, the automator actions for Devon Think are gone.

Ah, but Annard is furiously at work to integrate Automator into DEVONthink 2 – which is probably why he had that in mind. It will come. :slight_smile:

ah - good luck then!

I am lookin forward for one-click combining jpg files to searchable pdfs - DT is getting better every day… using it daily, I can barely keep up…

Ahhh, Maak is on the bleeding edge of the 21st century - sneaking shots of books while no one is looking! :smiling_imp: Until recently, this sort of thing was the stuff of James Bond and other famed spies, yet now it’s an everyday occurrence now that we have the technology to ship photos from our cell phones to some remote computer practically as we shoot our subjects!

And now it’s DTPO to the rescue to sort, combine, classify, rearrange, categorize, and who knows what else.


…and guess what: there are plans to make whole libraries searchable :exclamation: I wonder if you could even place ads beside them

which brings me to my question to Eric:

any plans yet for a free version of DT, with integrated adSense support?

(please fax a cheque to my email address, thank you :mrgreen: )

Just use Data > Merge.


Whew that’s a relief! I have never seen such a terrifying thought all year. :open_mouth:

The original author must have meant to add the “twisted evil” smiley thing, so I added it for him.

You have my neverending appreciation, Christian. (Of course, you already had that.)

I second all of the above! :laughing: And I am unanimous in that! :smiling_imp: ( © 1985 Mrs. Slowcomb)

I’ve been using the automator workflow “Convert Images to Combined PDF 2” found at

It works great for pulling a collection of jpgs from the finder, converting them to one pdf that opens in Preview for saving.

To orient the jpgs I usually run them through the “rotate images clockwise” workflow first. It’s also on

Good luck.

I went to your posted URL and found only version 1.0 of the first workflow and didn’t find the second at all using their search box. Could you post the exact url either here or as a private message?


I can’t find 2.0 either and am not sure if it is different from the version 1 on the automator site.

I also can’t find the rotate, but maybe I made that one myself.
Easy to do.

in Automator:

  1. New, custom workflow
  2. drag Get Specified Finder Items from the “Finder Library” to the workspace on the right
  3. drag “Rotate Images” from “Photos Library” to the space on the right below the “Get Specified Finder Items” step
  4. save
  5. use by selecting the jpgs in the finder and then running the workflow

Hope this helps.

Thanks for helping! It’s appreciated.