Combined Indexed and Imported notes -- in dropbox -- newbie?

I am new to Devonthink, and I have a large group of files that I keep organized across several Macs using Dropbox. I also have a large Evernote database.
To maintain access to all of my data as I start new manuscripts or presentations, I was planning on doing the following:

  1. Import Evernote to DEVONTthink Office Pro
  2. Index all of the folders/files that are in the OS Finder and Dropbox

I assume to keep this working will need to sync and update index files at end of each session? Is this a logical thing to do or am I inadvertently creating headaches?

Will I be able to view indexed files on DTTG, as well as annotate/highlight as I read them?

thank you very much

This should be possible assuming that “all of the folders/files” doesn’t mean the complete filesystem or startup volume as that’s not recommended.

Indexed groups are semi-automaticall updated by DEVONthink after opening/selecting them but it’s nonetheless a good idea to update the indexed items and to synchronize the database before switching to iOS (e.g. after ending a Mac session).

Indexed files are supported by DEVONthink To Go 2 and PDF documents can be annotated.