Combining databases

I have 2 dbs, one for my big research project and the other for the details and “stuff” of my life. As I work and use DEVONThink more and more, I find the current limitation of only having one database at a time open a bit frustrating. (I know that v.2 is planning to allow us to have multiple dbs open at the same time.)

So in the meantime, I was wondering if there is any way to combine my two dbs into one?


Hi, Martin:


[1] In the Finder, create a new folder as the target folder to receive exported material from a DT Pro database.

[2] Choose a database (probably the smaller one) that’s to be merged into another. Open it under DT Pro.

[3] Select all the contents of the top-level view. Select File > Export > Files & Folders, and choose your new target folder to receive the export.

[4] Switch to the other database that will receive the just-exported material. Select File > Import > Files & Folders. Select all of the contents of your target folder that contains the material to be imported. Click on Open.

That’s it. You have merged one database into another.

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Hi, Bill:

Thanks for the instructions. I had actually figured it out for myself a few minutes ago and came back to the forum to write about it. I should have known that you’d get back to me before I could blink!

Thanks so much for all your help in general, Bill.


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