Combining multiple databases

Over time I’ve amassed a number of different DT databases. Some are V1 some are V2 databases. Some are partial copies of the same database.

I want to consolidate everything into the one master database. My main concern is not too lose any documents that I’ve scanned in so I’m thinking it’s safest to just consolidate all the database together and then remove duplicates at a later date. Or is there an easy way to prevent duplicates being added beforehand.

In precis what’s the safest way to combine multiple databases and then remove all duplicate documents?

“Safest way” is taking your time, after backing up your data and your database(s). What I do is open the source and target databases in separate windows, side by side, and drag groups or selections of documents from one to the other. Or option-drag (copy) from one to the other. Repeat with the next source database, and so forth.

“Remove all duplicate documents” - it depends on what you mean. If this means “documents I have in the new database and in the old database”, then just close the old database and zip it, archive it, forget it. If this means “documents I duplicated in the new database but didn’t mean to”, then use a smart group to find dupes and trash what you don’t want.