Combining PDF files in sidebar

Since upgrading to OS X Sierra I have not been able to drag and drop merge PDF files within the sidebar window of DTPO. I could always do this before but now the file I “drag” to the sidebar to merge with the currently selected file merely zooms back to it’s place in the file list. Have I missed some new setting or is this a lost feature with Sierra?

It is currently a lost feature in Sierra. PDFKit experienced huge swaths of changes and developers are trying to find workarounds.

Thanks for the prompt reply (even thought it’s not the answer I wanted to hear)! I suspected as much but just needed confirmation. Hopefully this “loss” will be corrected as that is a feature I use regularly. I guess for now I’ll have to utilize a third party app (PDFpenPro) to make these merges.

While I’m on the subject of using an “outside” app to circumvent this loss; is there any way to force DTPO to open the file in that app when you double click on it rather than having it open inside it’s own PDF engine which then has the option of opening it in another app? Allowing this as the “default” option would at least save an extra step until this functionality is reinstated directly in DTPO.

No (and there are plenty of threads here discussing this). Just press Shift-Command-O to open the file in the system default application.

I actually did some “poking around” and discovered I could “Customize” the toolbar to include “Open with PDFpenPro”. (I’m presuming this would list the name of what app you have set as the system default for opening PDF files (i.e. Preview, PDFpenPro, PDF Expert, etc)). It’s not as clean as a “double-click” on the file but at least I don’t have to open it in DTPO’s PDF viewer first and then make a second selection to open it in an “outside” app.

FYI, the good folks at Smile Software have obviously found a work-around for the PDF merge and rearrange/delete pages limitations of Sierra because when I open a file directly from DTPO into the most current version of PDFpenPro and make my edits there, once I “Save” the file all the changes are reflected in the DTPO file. I would still rather be able to make these simple edits directly in DTPO but this will have to do for now.


This is a button for the hotkey I mentioned.

I’m not sure why you’d be doing this. The hotkey is the quickest way to open a file in the system default app.

You could also use Data > Merge to merge PDF documents.