Combining web archives

I am trying to take a list of web archives and combine them into a single file for emailing.
I can easily attach all of the individual web archives, but I would very much like to generate a single document with all of the information.

Currently, when I select the files and run “combine” I get an RTF output with the page layout completely garbled. Is there an approach that I am missing?


I’m not sure how to combine Web Archives, but you could export them all to a folder in Finder and then zip them up.

padillic’s answer is a good one.

Note that WebArchive is a proprietary Apple file format and may not be viewable by users of other computer platforms. If you need to send files to colleagues who use Windows or Linux the PDF file format would be more appropriate.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I was hoping that there was a way to export all of them as a single, readable file. I would be happy to generate PDF files and make a multipage document from them. The problem is that there is no way to convert a batch of web archives directly to PDF.

I can open them, then click on each individual page to “Capture to PDF”. It is then possible to combine the PDF files. The PDF files can then be merged into a single document

What doesn’t seem to be possible is to select a group of web archives and convert them as a batch to PDF files. It is also not possible, from what I gather, to merge a set of web archives into a PDF format-it comes out RTF, which wrecks the formatting.

I could probably script the whole thing, but I would have thought that this would be a built-in feature.

Am I missing something here?