"Command-C" copies the path to the document rather than the highlighted text

Any ideas on how to undo this?

All these shortcuts are actually not default ones (except the first), just remove them.

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YEESSSSSS!!! :tada::champagne::+1:t2:
I’m able to copy highlighted text now!

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The Cmd-C shortcut also reappeared on the dropdown menu.
Mind to share what the logic of what happened might be? How did erasing those shortcuts lead to a resolution of the problem?

Do you use the Path > Copy function often?

From time to time. I’m still learning how to leverage DT’s capabilities to integrate it into my research workflow. But the learning curve has been steep…

Don’t try to master it. You won’t. (@cgrunenberg is the closest thing to having mastered it, but then again, he’s coding it!)

Use it for what you need to use it for and allow time to explore other aspects on occasion. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @cgrunenberg and @BLUEFROG. Your interaction in this community is valuable and appreciated by all of us novice, “non-progammer,” DT users :v:. (And I’m sure for the more advanced users as well.) :wink:


You’re welcome and thank you for the kind words of encouragement. They’re very appreciated. :heart::blush:

Thing? :rofl:


Haha… Welcome to American English. :stuck_out_tongue: