Command-click replaced by click as standard action

As always, i think that DT is a really great software, but little lacks make it much less practic that it could be.
Two exemples:

  1. Click on a link in a document opens it it in the same window. Must “command click”. It should be allowed that standard click = “Open in a new tab”. It is very, very rare that you want to go from one document completely to another. In most case, you need additional info to a text that you are working on

  2. Command-Drag and drop in a RTF doc. It would be much more convenient that drag and drop a document without “command” creates a link, not incorporating the doc in the doc.

  3. Of course, i am still waiting and hoping that it wil be implented soon for a “logical” underlinetool in PDF. As you have in Preview: everything that you touch in a the “underline” tool becolmes underlined, without further action. Instead of “mark, right klick, underline”. can’t even not unerstand for which reason the utility works like this.

  1. That is a matter of point-of-view and not consistent with web browsing in general. Many times you click a link and navigate to another page in the same browser tab.

  2. RTF files can accept dropped files which creates RTFD file, hence the need for a hotkey to crate a link.

  3. I can’t speak for Development on this but pressing Command-U on a text selection will underline it.

I know that you NEVER agree what is consistent, but i am sure that i am not the only one. I use alle the day a tons of software, and the only one not being intuitive is Devon IMHO.
Anyway, you could at least let the user choose in the settings?

For command-U , great. Is there a similar thing for Highlight? I wanted to say “Highlight yellow”, not underline.
Thank you vey much for this software and ypour quick replies

No problem.
Highlighting is is done with Shift-Command-L.

Also read this blog post I wrote some time ago…

You can then easily set custom hotkeys for each highlight in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.

(And for the pedantic, yes I am aware of the extended syntax for potentially conflicting hotkeys. :slight_smile: )

thank you very much @BLUEFROG.
Thats already a good news, but i really would prefer to highlight easily with the mouse , in the same way as i can do in Apples Preview.
choose “Highlight” Instrument , read PDF, click anywhere to highlight.
So easy…

You’re welcome.

PS: Just because another application has a feature, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to implement in other applications. Development would have to assess the feasibility of this.