Command-R - not just in the main window

Very cool discovery - Command-R (reveal in the list pane) works in documents opened internally by Devonthink.

If you have a dozen documents opened internally in DT, then you can go to any of those windows and hit Command-R. That reveals the document in the main DT window so you can get to that document’s incoming/outgoing links, mentions, and see-also references in the document’s inspector.

Nice - you can explore things related to multiple documents without losing context. All the source documents remain in view while you explore in DT’s main window.

I know, kind of obvious.

Are you also aware you can show the inspectors in a document window?

The inspectors in document windows? Being one of the slow students, I wasn’t aware that was possible!

I saw the circle-i, which temporarily shows the info, but missed the full inspector pane. Amazing how much there is in DT.

For a full confession, I’ve been staring with dark, glassy, almost igneous eyes at another way of taking notes and organizing. I just didn’t want to give up certain DT features. Like, most of them.

Having document windows available both for reference and as a Command-R link back to their homes in DT was a revelation. Discovering the inspectors in document windows, that’s nice. This is going to be handy.

Thank you, sir!

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: