Command V, right click Paste and Paste from Edit menu

Hello, I don’t know if this is a bug or not.

Pasting text and images into a Rich Text document using the commands “Control V”, “Paste from the Edit menu” and “right click menu Paste” doesn’t always have the same effect.

(I have changed the Keyboard system preferences to always “Paste and Match Style” in all applications (Monterey)).

When pasting images from the clipboard, “Command V” doesn’t work. But “Paste from the Edit menu” and “right click menu Paste” do work.

When I paste text from the clipboard (copied previously from a web page) “command V” respects my global keyboard settings to always “Paste and Match Style”, but “right click menu Paste” doesn’t and includes the original formatting.

All of these options trigger the same action internally. Screenshots would be useful, thank you.