"Comment" vs. "Spotlight Comment"

These two columns have the same column title at the top, “Comment.”

I am confused. I know how to enter comments in the “Spotlight Comment” field through the Info panel. But not all my remarks may be appropriate for Spotlight indexing.

How do I enter my remarks into this other “Comment” column field? Double-click in that column and nothing happens.

I’m trying this approach because I can’t figure out how to associate a Note with an existing PDF item, and I also can’t figure out how to Tag the item beyond putting it into a subordinate new group.

So there are three approaches that may be appropriate for remarks? So which to use? I’m trying to add remarks to medical journal article PDF items in DTPO to separate out which articles discuss pancreatitis, or biliary stones, or ERCP, etc.

Didn’t see this issue about Comments addressed in the Help system. Found a recent post here about associating Notes, but to iCal calendar entries with Smart Templates, not to existing DTPO PDF items. Don’t have time for an exhaustive search.

I’m spending more time trying to figure out these DTPO issues than the time I’m spending researching articles about recurrent biliary tract stones. Help.

There’s recent discussion about this in:

Re: Six Interface Comments, Niggles and Suggestions…

Take a look at the ‘Annotation’ smart template. Choose Data > New from Template > Annotation. Or use the keyboard shortcut, Shift-Option-Command-A.

A new rich text note is created that is already linked to the document to be annotated. The name of the note includes the name of the target document, so a Name search using the name of a document will also pop up any such notes about it.

By default, the new annotation note is stored in a group named Annotations. But you are free to move it, and for that matter to make changes in the note’s name if you wish.

The Annotation note can be linked to documents of any file type, PDF, text, Excel, etc. You can even annotate annotations. :slight_smile:

I’ve always preferred using rich text for comments, as I can include links, images or tables in the comment notes, and link to other documents as well.

If your comment refers to one or more pages in a PDF, you can add a Page LInk that will open the PDF at that page.