Comments, Keywords, Tags, Metadata?


What are the definitions of Comments, Keywords, Tags, and Meta Data in DTPO? What are the similarities/overlaps? What are the differences? What are the near-future development plans in terms of these elements? I am trying to figure out how to best design my workflow so that I can efficiently find the information I want when I want it.

Also, I think it would be interesting to develop a separate thread/user-group that is interested in developing workflow ideas around particular storing and searching techniques. I know from reading the forums that not everyone is convinced about the use of Tags and such, but I think it would be interesting and useful for those of us who are to work together to see what kinds of things we can develop and share. Please let me know if you’d be interested in that.

Thanks very much! Keith

Here’s a good description by korm:

The link doesn’t really provide any definitions, in fact it’s quite out of context.

I agree - I don’t really understand what Korm wrote. I’d be happy to write up a little piece on this if someone is willing to coach me. Right now it seems like comments are the easiest and most valuable field for me to use if searching and finding documents is important to me. I’d rather use tags for that, but those aren’t yet a prominent part of the search tools.