Companion quick note taking app for multiple Apple IDs

I barely dare to ask this question since I assume that this forum contains the answer … but I can’t find it.

I want a light-weight quick note taking app that works on iOS and macOS, and yes I know that there a lot of those … but I’ve got a few things that have resulted in me not finding a suitable candidate. Here are my requirements:

  • Native macOS and iOS experience
  • Easy to jot down a quick note, nice UI
  • Can easily send information to DevonThink
  • Syncing across different AppleIDs on different devices
  • Syncing should not use something like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, instead it should be using a server I run myself (for example using WebDav/sftp etc).

I can find several apps that work do different things well, for example:

  • Sync via WebDav - BBEdit with it’s new notes feature
  • Quick note taking - Drafts
  • Nice UI - Bear
  • Syncing - Evernote
  • Native experience on macOS - Bear, Drafts, BBEdit
  • Native experience on iOS - Bear, Drafts

I haven’t found a suitable candidate that meets all my requirements. The closest I found is Ulysses but while it’s an excellent writing app, it doesn’t really work as a quick note app.

Why not use DevonThink - while I store all my notes in DevonThink, I don’t think that DevonThink on iOS works for taking quick notes (for example, jotting down some info while walking down the corridor). I also try to keep my “long term info” in DevonThink while this is more like putting a postit note on the screen.

I think the the ideal app for me would have been Drafts, but it doesn’t sync across Apple IDs (and only uses iCloud). Does anyone have some advice here, what have I missed?

I have a shortcut on my home screen for quick notes
It launches the DT editor for a note;
. predefined format
. title prefixed with a date/time stamp
The editor also has a mic icon for dictation

You can long-press the DEVONthink To Go icon and start a new note, including a voice or video note. Have you tried that?



For what it’s worth, i use the “long press” method mentioned by @bluefrog all the time. No need for iOS shortcuts, IMHO.

I do agree with you that certain other apps do different things well, and I use other apps of course. But for quick notes on the go … long press the DEVONthink ToGo button in iPhone. I prefer focusing on the notes and the people I’m talking with (or reading) instead of the tech stuff.


Thank you! :wink:

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