Compare Databases?

Went back to El Capitan after being annoyed by the still broken PDF kit in High Sierra.

Now I have some old databases from the backup I can’t simply replace with their newer siblings - some replicants in there pointing to a statements folder of a banking app and the like.

Is there a way to compare the files in 2 databases and to copy them over - something like a diff view for DBs would come in very handy. I doubt such a thing exists, but any suggestion who to handle that w/o having a dozen or so DBs 2 times would be great!


Probably the “simplest” (not entirely tongue-in-cheek) approach would be to export the contents of both databases into a folder/document hierarchy and use Beyond Compare, or similar, to find the differences. That would clue you on what’s changed and where to go to look for it.

BTW – unrelated – but if these database “siblings” were made by duplicating the .dtBase2 package you’re going to run into trouble eventually, because that’s not the safe way to clone a database. So you’ll want to get your cleanups done and get rid of one of the “siblings”.

Thank you, Korm, will try that. Seems that El Capitan is the new Snow Leopard :frowning: