Comparing & Merging

I have 2 Devonthink Pro databases I would like to compare to see what files are in one and not in the other. How do I do that? Can I merge them? If so, how? :unamused:

Simple merging can be done by exporting from one or more databases, then importing to another. Wise to have backups.

I can’t think of any easy, convenient ways to compare databases.

This could perhaps be done by exporting and then using FileMerge (which, I believe, must be installed as part of the developer tools from the DVDs–I could be wrong, I don’t remember).

I think you’re on the right track with the idea of comparing exported databases though it’s certainly not an easy or convenient method. :slight_smile:

Another possibility is to compare the listings created via Scripts > Export > Listing…

As I mentioned years ago, the output of Export > Listing… has been useless to me mostly because it’s not in a diff-friendly format. Someone wrote an alternative script that produced output with one document per line. I’m not sure it’s on the DEVONthink Scripts & Additions page; though it might be Shell Add-ons but that link to Eric’s site is broken.