Compatibility of DEVONthink with new M1 Macs running Monterey

I am planning to purchase a new MacBook Pro – with the M1 chip and running Monterrey OS. Are there any known problems with DEVONthink and this version of Mac/

I don’t have any problems with monterey and the macbook pro. Tap to click works fine (unlike craft…).

The only thing is the ABBYY resources aren’t built for Apple Silicon at this time so it will require Rosetta 2. However, that is s one-off operation, not something you’d need to do repeatedly.

A tiny one: once you use a M1 Mac, never will want to go back to Intel. :laughing: You will experience how incredibly faster is DT under M1.

I’m using M1 since first MacBook Air and had 0 problems with DT.


Very very true :slight_smile:

The new machine is on order. Looking forward to trying given all of the superlatives I’ve heard.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the least!