Complete Newbie - Overwhelmed

Hi All,

So I am on a trial and working out if this is the product for me… but a bit overwhelmed on where to start…

So, I am on a mac. I recently have decided to go paperless. My flow was everything went to Evernote, but I have decided to go dropbox.

I have Dropbox
ix500 Scanner (just purchased)
Hazel by Noodlesoft
and Devon Pro Office Trial.
Prizmo with Batch Processing Addons

I am trying to file all my documents by searchable PDF. So, my Amex Card Statement gets filed to the Amex folder on Dropbox.

So… I’ve scanned all my paper with Snapscan, and they have been pdf converted - all good so far
I have downloaded all my Evernote pdfs which are not searchable and there are thousands of them

My question is… where do I start to get Devonthink to look at all the files that have no OCR, OCR them and file them by contents and change the filename from whats contained in the file

Second Question - I heard that I could highlight on a paper with a pen on a document scan it with my ix500 and it would automatically file with the highlighted name?

Am pretty confused on where to start, so if I could be pointed to any threads that would be appreciated.


First, take a deep breath :smiley:

There are well over 30,000 threads on this site – so finding some threads to suggest is, like, what do you want to know?

Here’s some suggestions.

  1. Stop buying more machines and software – you have more than enough.

  2. Get a copy of Joe Kissel’s “Take Control of Your Paperless Office” or his “Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink” – either one, but not both at this time. They are each available from DEVONthink’s storefront.

  3. Make a little list – two or three things – that you want to do with your documents. “I want to file my bills”, or “I want to collect some articles about pangolins for an article I’m writing”. Whatever floats your boat.

… and continue taking deep breaths. :laughing:


Are you saying you’re putting these PDFs in your Dropbox folder in the Finder?

Evernote keeps the OCR data for your files on their servers.

Create a smart group, Data > New > Smart Group, like this…


You can choose Data > Convert > To Searchable PDF on a selection in the results - and no, I do not suggest trying to process all of them in one shot. Also, it’s not going to automatically rename and file them for you after OCR is done.

Regarding the highlighting, it appears you can use this for keywords, but this is a ScanSnap feature and requires you to follow their instructions: … d_set.html

As my father wisely reminded me recently, “Son, you know how you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” :smiley:

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Convert option not appearing. Is this feature not available in DT Personal?

No, this requires DEVONthink Pro Office.