Completely Lost Search Capability

Using the the new DT Pro Office Beta.

Completely lost the ability to search, which I had when I installed it yesterday.

Now every attempt produces “Search No items found!”

I restarted. I’ve logged out and on. Ran Verify & Repair. No errors there.

I reinstalled the program.

Nothing helps.

Please open a search window via Tools > Search… and check the settings as DT remembers the last used settings.

Hi. Open Tools > Search.

Inspect the settings in the left column. Are you perhaps overly restricting the search by, e.g. searching in just the Comments field of the Info panel instead of in All? Or perhaps searching in a subgroup rather than in the whole database? Or for a colored label, even though you haven’t set any labels?

Thanks, Bill

Thought I had double-checked it. But when I went in right now, Wildcards was selected!

I know I checked that because I read it elsewhere on these boards, and saw it in the .mov tutorial.