Computer Horsepower Needed

I have what is probably a dumb newbie question, but to what extent does computer horsepower enhance the use of DevonThink Pro Office.

My main computer is a MBP 15-2017 with the i7, 16 gb, 1 TB and DevonThink runs like a top. My job has changed and now requires me to do a considerable amount of traveling, usually involving cross country flights. The MBP is just too big for the on-board tray of most airlines.

I’ve tried IOS version of DevonThink and just prefer the MacOS version.

So my question is, would the dual core i7 and 16gb in a 12" Macbook perform adequately with a 20 gb database (10,000 documents, 20 million words).

Will it be painfully slow as compared to my MBP? Does dual core as opposes to quad core affect DevonThink performance?

Though there are no known metrics for a correlation, I wouldn’t imagine it would be much different. The 16GB RAM and SSD in the 12” MacBook should be performant. I have a beloved 2012 8GB MacBook Pro that I swapped in a new SSD and replaced the battery. It runs DTPO and all my apps like a new MacBook.

Jim is right - RAM is more important than the number of cores.