concept question

Pls forgive newbie question, but this seems essential before I go farther.

If I import a word processing document to DTP, and then open it and work on it from DTP, my original is untouched. If I open the original from the finder, and work on it, the one in DTP is untouched. I’m afraid that I will lose track of which one I’m working on, and get horribly confused.

Is it common practice for users of DTP to 1) trash originals after importing to DTP, and use DTP as the entry point for all work on imported docs? Or (2) is it better to use the indexing-only option for works in progress and leave the originals where they are?

I’m inclined to stick with option 2, as being the only safe way to know I’m working on only one version of each file. Am I missing something about how people work with DTP?

Depending on your preferences, either approach is OK. You can Index-capture, modify the external items, then use File > Synchronize to update the database.

I prefer Import-capture, so that I have a self-contained database. Once captured, I’ll delete or archive to another disk the captured Finder files.