Concerned about OS X version

I am still making my evaluation of DT and read somewhere that OS X 10.3.9 is necessary. I have no need to upgrade my OS but I am concerned that 10.3.9 is not that old. It seems there is no backward compatibility as far as OS is concerned. If I were to purchase now how long before DT would not run under 10.3.9? Maybe version 2?


Apple has made numerous significant enhancements to the operating system since 10.3.9. For example, PDFKit and Cocoa text are much improved in OS X 10.4.x. Such enhancements allow improved features and performance in DEVONthink Pro. The current version of DT Pro already uses capabilities of 10.4.x that are not available to it under 10.3.9.

At some point future releases of DT Pro will require an operating system later than 10.3.9. I can’t predict now when that will be.

But of course you may continue using the current version of DT Pro under OS X 10.3.9 as long as you wish. Some DEVONthink Personal users are still under 10.2.x.

This then brings up a related question. Assume for a moment that DT 2.x will require 10.4.x. I understand that would not require me to upgrade as I could still use my current version of both DT and the OS. But once DT 2 is out will prior versions be supported if bugs are discovered?

I may be paranoid but I was in that very situation with another software company whose policy - unstated - was they no longer offered support for previous versions even though there might be bugs which would not allow me to continue to use the software. Their solution was I should buy the new version.

If Devon’s policy is similar, I would certainly need to hesitate buying it now when I might quickly find my only recourse for continued use would be to upgrade my OS at perhaps $130 and a new version of DT at perhaps $75.

No one can give you a guarantee that development will continue on former versions of software. That includes Apple, Microsoft and Adobe.

That said, DT Pro 1.0 went through a very long period of pre-release testing prior to the release of the public beta on August 17, 2005. Two versions have been released since gong final and there will be at least one more version prior to the release of DT Pro version 2… It’s been pretty thoroughly wrung out and we know of no problem that would threaten its usability under the current operating systems that it’s designed for.

However, it has always been the policy of DEVONtechnologies to offer free Support access for all users, and there’s no expiration on that. We will always answer your questions and offer advice on any problems you may encounter.

And as has been stated in this forum, there will be no update charge to version 2.0 for users who have registered DT Professional version 1.x. There will, however, be an upgrade charge for update of DT Personal 1.x to DT Personal 2.0. (The early purchasers of DT Personal have had about four years of free updates.)

Sorry to keep beating a dead horse: but in another thread, it does state explicitly that there will be an upgrade fee for DT Pro (see Christian’s posting under Buy Now or Later?) I don’t mind paying for upgrades (especially if the company offers years of free updates), but as a newcomer to Devon products I would like to know more before purchasing a bundle or applications separately. Moreover, since DT Pro 2.0 will be a fairly radical upgrade from my understanding, I would like to try it out first before making a final decision (though I’m fairly certain that I’ll purchase a bundle at some point). Meantime, I can keep trialing DT Pro and DA 2b (150 hours is most generous) while waiting for the new versions.


You got me – maybe. :slight_smile:

In August, 2005 Christian stated that there would be no upgrade fee from DT Pro 1.x to DT Pro 2.0.

But there has been a lot of development effort expended on DT Pro 2.0 since then, and some really neat and useful features will be added. So in a recent post Christian noted that the upgrade to 2.0 will not be free. Neither pricing nor release schedule has been set. As in the past, there will probably be a public beta of DT Pro 2.0.

As howarth noted, DEVONtechnologies update prices have been reasonable. Registered users of DT Personal could upgrade to DT Pro 1.0 for the difference in price between the applications. Users of DEVONagent who purchased version 1.7 after October 31, 2005 will receive a free upgrade to DEVONagent 2.0.

So if you need DT Pro 1.x, it won’t cost you any more to buy it now and upgrade later, than to wait to purchase DT Pro 2.0. Depending on your purchase timing of version 1.x, you might even get a bargain. No promises on whether or not your 150 hours demo time will run out first. Although if it doesn’t, you probably aren’t really using DT Pro. 150 hours uptime for DT Pro would take me only about 2 to 3 weeks. But I’m a heavy user. For what DT Pro does for me, I would think it a bargain at $500, especially compared to what a research assistant would cost me to partially replace it. :slight_smile:

No, DT Pro 2.0 won’t cost $500. The price will remain modest. And, of course, if DT Pro 1.x meets your needs, you don’t have to upgrade at all.

I’m sorry to say I can’t agree with this cynical sentence.


Probably not before the first Mac OS X 10.5.x releases will arrive as we’re always supporting at least two major Mac OS X releases (contrary to many other small companies).

But in the end this depends on the changes of 10.5 (and the compilers) - maybe there will be support for 10.3.9 for a long time?


That’s not a cynical sentence. I really mean it. :slight_smile:

Many, many years ago, before the days of any but a few mainframe computers, I was a research assistant on several major writing projects that involved compiling, organizing and analyzing thousands of research notes from several years of library work. Anyone who hasn’t done that sort of scholarly research cannot appreciate the sheer manual drudgery involved before the days of computers.

I got “into” computers in the late 1960’s, largely in attempts to avoid that sort of drudgery. Word processing was itself a big step forward. But although I began to accumulate large collections of information on my computers, there were few ways to search across collections of disparate file types, such as text files, PDF when that came along and a variety of word processing formats. With the passage of years I had my own research assistants, some of them very good, and I had to work them hard.

In 2002 I came across DEVONthink. For the first time I could place text, PDF, HTML and Word documents into a single database, and search all the documents of different file types at the same time. That worked, and it’s what first attracted me to DEVONthink. It was a big deal. I had spent over a thousand dollars on Acrobat Professional (using the index feature), FileMaker, Panorama and a variety of other databases in vain attempts to better manage my growing collection of computer-readable references. I paid, as I recall, $45 for the package deal of DEVONthink and TextLightning (which was then needed to capture text from PDFs). Suddenly, I could run a search across all the documents in the DEVONthink database.

Then I discovered the contextual recognition features in DEVONthink that can “see” patterns of word usage in documents. I had a very large collection of reference materials reflecting my professional interests in environmental science and technology and in international environmental science exchanges. As I added those materials to my DEVONthink database, I found the “See Also” button increasingly useful. For example, in looking at case histories of pollution events and remediation actions, DEVONthink could suggest to me other documents in the collection that might be related. That can be helpful, for instance, in looking at similar cases and comparing alternative remedial approaches. Or comparing environmental legislation and regulations in different countries. Or… and the list of possibilities rapidly grows. Suddenly, literature research gets much easier. And once in a while, DEVONthink suggests relationships that make me look smart. Of course, if I were to accept all of DEVONthink’s suggestions, there are times that would make me look really dumb. You do, after all, need to know something about a topic that’s being researched.

And then the companion Web search agent, DEVONagent came along to make Internet searches more powerful and rapidly expand my DEVONthink Pro database on any topic of interest. If I need to look at contaminants in fish oils and check regulatory requirements on fish oil products worldwide, I can very rapidly do that. Easily.

So DEVONthink Pro has become my research assistant. On balance, it’s the best one I’ve ever had. And it replaced more than a thousand dollars of software that never met my needs. For a while last year I considered hiring a graduate student part-time to help me with a project. The student became ill, so that didn’t happen. I decided to do the project myself, with the assistance of DEVONthink Pro and DEVONagent. Turned out to be easy, and saved me $4,000. What can I say? :slight_smile:

I’m semi-retired now, and have cut out travel to developing countries, especially with current security problems. It’s easier to work on the Internet these days, and I’'m also having a lot of fun consulting with DEVONtechnologies. I try to give the perspective of someone who really uses the DEVONtechnologies applications.

Thank you all for the insight. It will help me a lot to decide what I want to do and when I want to do it.

Actually, I got swept into the quote there Bill! My quote should be attributed to you.

Thanks for the clarification on upgrades.

With appreciation, as always.