Concerned about running out of storage

When I purchased Devonthink 3 I was hoping to use it to go paperless. I saw that there was syncing to Dropbox and iCloud, both of which I subscribed to because I was told that most software now-a-days saves to a cloud service to save space on your computer. This made sense to me as hard drives have not gotten any bigger and I worried about running out of space.
I see though, that syncing to iCloud does not at all mean that my databases are stored there.
Now I worry that if I start scanning my documents into Devonthink, I will very quickly run out of space. I think at this point I only have about 50 gb left as it is. It looks like I need to import into Devonthink to sort and classify everything and then export everything in their folders out to Dropbox for storage, then delete everything in Devonthink to make room for more information.
It is not at all how I had envisioned working. Does anyone have a simpler workflow?

The synchronization isn’t a cloud, databases are always local and therefore the synchronization doesn’t save any local space. In addition, due to its limitations an iCloud sync stores might even require disk space too, therefore I would recommend another sync location if local space is limited.

However, an upcoming release will include an alternative to iCloud.

So I guess I should wait to go paperless. I had seen so many articles on using Devonthink to go paperless I thought it would be easy. Any idea when another release is coming up?

This depends on the amount of data you’re going to handle. Another possibility might be to store the databases on external disks.

We don’t announce releases usually before they’re ready but definitely this year.

Do you mean possibly storing the databases on my backup disk? It is the only external disk I have attached to my computer all the time.

Any external disc should work but one independent from backups would be better.