Concordance of Group? and KWIC?

I was wondring if you’ve ever thought of adding the ability to do a concordance for a specific folder? I have a project where I would like to get the overall word frequency count, but then sub counts based on my organization of the documents. I could do these in separate databases, but the ability to get the counts for a folder group would be great!

Also, I was wondering if there was any way to create a concordance list with the keywords in context (KWIC), so that it shows a few words on either side of the keyword so you can see (at a glance) where the word was used.



Yes, we’ve thought of it but right now we’ve to finish v2 :slight_smile: In the meantime one workaround is to select all documents of a group and to merge them (via Data > Merge).

+1 on being able to run Concordance on a group and it’s sub groups!

Is there any update on this?

Version 3 supports this.

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