Concordance tool

After using DevonThink for, I guess, a couple of years now (when did the personal edition first come out?), I have just discovered the Concordance command in the tools menu (maybe that’s why my nickname is “lightning”?). It strikes me as being a potentially very useful tool, but I wonder how people set the options to make it useful in fact?

With everything set as default, my first several entries are items like “the”. If I click on the weight column, the vast majority of the first 12,000 items are somewhat unhelpful items of 2 kinds. The first kind is items like “Anadditionalargumentinfavorofdeveloping”, artefacts of import with PDFKit. How to prevent this runtogether problem (switch to pdftotext in Preferences) is documented in another thread but it’s going to take time to reimport the offending PDFs and delete the originals. The second kind is whole Japanese sentences (there are no spaces between Japanese words – and no totally clear definition of “word” – so it’s understandably difficult for DT Pro to identify them).

By fiddling with the word length settings (choosing a minimum greater than 3 of course excludes “the”) I can get somewhat more useful results. But it would be instructive to know exactly what settings other people use.