Concordance/Word count not updated for pdf's

Dear DTeam,

I noticed a glitch regarding the conordance/word count (greyish in the upper right window corner): I have some imported .pdf’s (with a bolt symbol) that I externally change from time to time. Changing does not mean commenting in Adobe Acrobat (I am aware that pdf-comments are neglected by DT) but instead I replace the old .pdf in the finder with a newer one. When I invoke the synchronize function, the file becomes updated, meaning it displays all right. However, neither the word count nor the concordance seem to take notice of the changes in the file and do not update accordingly. Since this also means a less accurate classificatation, I thought I’d bring this to your attention.

Running OS 10.3.9, DTPro 1.0. The bug seems to be pdf-specific and does not occur with rtf or pure text documents.

All the best,



thank you for the bug report. I’ll check this and if it’s a bug (probably :slight_smile:), then this will be fixed in v1.0.1

Dear Christian,

thank you for crosschecking. The behaviour is reproducable on my system, but if it turns out to be not so on your setup, please let me know too.

The reason for updating pdf’s is, that it is the output format of most of my documents (prepared with pdfLaTeX). Therefore, newer versions replace the old ones.