configure how a document gets marked as "read"

It would be very helpful to be able to change when DT marks a document as being read. It seems now that it marks it as read as soon as I touch the document. This might make sense as a default for something like a mail application where the documents are likely to be short and time sensitive (so I am additionally likely to read it on the first touch), but isn’t working out for me in DT. I know I can change it to unread manually, but I usually end up touching documents several times before I actually get around to reading them.

Pretty much the only configuration I am looking for is whether DT marks it automatically. I am currently using the state for my purposes, but I would like to be able to use that to mean whether I need to follow up and if I have done so.

Apologies if this is covered in another topic somewhere. I kept getting topics about RSS and the like when searching for this concept.

Yup, which has been frustrating when I only want to move unread documents (e.g. out of Inbox) without marking them read.

Since I think things are winding down for v1 of the iPhone/iPad version (which I am super-excited about, by the way :smiley:), I thought there might be a little more bandwidth for user requests so I would like to re-request this as it would be way more useful for me because I use a label to track read state now, which means I can’t label it anything else. Thanks.

I’d also like this feature to be configurable.

Déjà vu? :slight_smile:

I don’t know what your searches are turning up-perhaps the same issue I am having. I have a challenge with how a document gets marked as read that trips me up almost daily. I have a smart group for documents that are unread, and RSS feeds that update every 15 minutes. If I am viewing an unread document from the Unread smart group when a feed is updated with new, unread documents, the smart group also updates and the document I was viewing disappears. I would expect that at a minimum, the document I am viewing should not disappear until after I select a different document.

I too would love to have more control over the unread/read state of a document.

Like the other posters, I prefer to use the read state as of managing my work queue. Some applications (e.g. MS Entourage) allow you to set a time limit i.e, documents are only “read” if they remain visible on your screen for so many seconds before the next document is selected. Other applications even give you the option of changing the state manually.

Sounds logical to me. The currently behavior you described might even be considered a bug.

Not sure what you mean. The (un)read state of DT documents can be changed manually, but they’re automatically marked read (if necessary) when opened without an easy way to disable that behavior (as discussed in this and the other thread I linked to).