Conflict Resolver

I think I have set up direct sync properly in DTP, using my desktop Mac and a Macbook. In the Sync section, I have the first column set to the database on my desktop, and the third column (“with these locations”) being the Macbook. I believe this means that any additions to the Macbook database will be added to the desktop database when I sync, am I right?

When I sync manually, I get a “conflict resolver” window that pops up and will show the desktop Mac on the left, and then the Macbook on the right. I’m supposed to click one or the other to resolve the conflict, however I have no idea which one I’m supposed to click. How do I know?

Thanks so much for the help! I did watch the tutorial video but it’s still confusing to me.

Yes, and vice versa. It pushes and pulls to mirror the database.

You pick the one with the most recent information - usually the machine you worked on most recently.

Thank you!

No problem! :smiley: