Just wanted to acknowledge the 20 year mark for Devon. I started using Devonthink back in the days when the promise of the future was that we could have more than one database. Since then the product has flourished and delivered on all its early promise.

Support has always been outstanding.

Congratulations for a job well done!


I’m not an active DEVONthink user these days but I have to say that the product is awesome and having been through the ups and downs of two decades and countless platform changes mean that one can reasonably expect at least another two decades of updates and support.

Also, such a powerful product is backed by this world class community.


I heartily second the congratulations.

DEVONthink has become such an ingrained tool for managing research and the accumulation of LOTS of information in different forms, that I consider it, along with OmniOutliner, to be the two indispensable apps in my system.

Thanks for that, and for your continued commitment to your users. It is hugely appreciated.


Congratulations to 20 years. I’ve only been using DT for a couple years and hope to use it for many many more.


Long time user here, mostly for academic research. I really enjoyed v2 and love v3. Hope DEVONthink will make to 40 (at least) and that the path will be full of good updates.

Happy anniversary. :partying_face:


woohoo!! +1111111111


Tremendous! Looking forward to what’s ahead.

PS: Can I raincheck the promotion offer for DT4 upgrade :wink:


Thank you all for your friendly and motivating birthday wishes! I’ve dutifully relayed them to the brain in the fish glass next to me here on the desk :wink:


I fear it’s a bit early for this :wink:

Just adding my best wishes. DT is a great product, but especially the support and customer interaction makes using it worthwhile. Also appreciate the personal level of also remembering those whose used to work with you. Thanks @eboehnisch @BLUEFROG @cgrunenberg!


Best wishes to the team that is standing behind DevonThink. I am a user since 2011 and love organizing knowledge with this outstanding tool. I also want to thank Jim for his fast, intensive and personal support.

I hope you will keep up your work for many following years and enjoy everyday usage on Mac and iPhone.


/blush :slight_smile:

Thank you for the long-standing support in general and your kind words of encouragement in specific. I’m glad to be of service. Here’s to many more years to come :clinking_glasses:

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Congratulations! And thank you for this outstanding product and support!!!


Well deserved congratulations!

Personally speaking this is the most amazing and productive software I have ever worked with. I still find some of the capabilities and functionality unbelievable. :smiley:

Support over the years from the DT folk and this forum has always been great. Thanks, and here’s to the next 20 years!


When I first read about DEVONthink seven years ago I didn’t believe such software exists. Since then I’ve been using it every day and there was probably no week without at least one “What? OK! How cool is that!” moment. It really keeps surprising me.

If there are things I’d like to do that are not built-in then most often the extensive scripting dictionary can do it. Before I knew DEVONthink exists I merely modifided some scripts. With Jim’s incredible support and this forum I learned AppleScript, for which I’m very grateful. It’s so nice to see how other users make their first steps, ask, ask again and some time later come back with their first script. Without DEVONthink a lot of them would probably never get in touch with scripting.

Users mentioning apps made me test them, I’ve got a great deal of what I’m using now this way. A very nice byproduct of this amazing community.

Being quite committed to DEVONthink reading such an announcment …

UI Browser has been a labor of love for me, its sole developer for almost twenty years. Now that I am 79 years old, it is time to bring this good work to a conclusion. Bill Cheeseman, April 17, 2022.

… made me nervous.

However …

… totally eased my mind.

So what’s left?

For me DEVONthink definitively seems to be …

a labor of love

… made by amazing people.

At least that would explain why I often find me thinking “Is this real? Am I dreaming?”

What we have right now is an incredibly useful app paired with an outstanding support and to top it off a vibrant community. Let that sink in.



What we have right now is an incredibly useful app paired with an outstanding support and to top it off a vibrant community. Let that sink in. Congratulations!

Thank you very much @pete31 and everyone else here :pray:t2: We really enjoyed the last twenty years with all of you here and are looking forward to what’s the next decade will bring :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations indeed! Thank you to everyone at DEVONtechnologies for your awesome products and support, and to everyone else on this forum for your enthusiasm, friendliness and expertise.


I also want to add my sincere thank you to everyone who made DevonThink possible, as well as this community and the great support.

Every once in a while, one comes across products where it’s obvious that they are a “labor of love” for those who have created them, and therefore they achieve real excellence.

In my view, DevonThink without a doubt falls into this category. It certainly has made a big dent in my universe, and this is after just one year of using it.



I’m glad I stumbled across this five years ago.

Good luck in navigating the future of this product.


My only regret is that I did not started using it earlier.