Connect folder with devonthink

i use now Devonthink since half a year.
But ne thing I don’t get really realized is that folders are connected with Devonthink so that the files I push in this folder on Devonthink are also directly in this folder on my harddrive.
Can someone explain me how I get this work?


Files added to indexed groups do not automatically get sent to the folder in the Finder (and yes, this is by design). Right-click the file(s) or group and choose Move to External Folder to move files to the folder in the Finder.

thanks for your reply.
Okay and where is now the work simplification for my project?
It could be that I don’t have understand something but something like this makes the whole program sensless if I can’t use my files outside of Devonthink without hassle.

And comments like its not a bug its a function, sorry this is only a excuse for bad accessibility.

Also I have now a filesystem next to my OS in a seperate database and nothin is connected. Is that right?

Many people use DEVONthink without indexing. It is an opt-in process. Some may opt to use indexing. Some may not. Some may choose to have a hybrid of both.

It’s not “bad accessibility”. It’s a core function of the application to create portable, self-contained databases.

No, that is not correct. There is not a separate filesystem. There is a proprietary directory structure within a package file as the core of the database.

Speaking as a user, this model makes sense to me.

For any folder, you have a choice to make - either to include the folder inside the DT database, or to index it from DT. For folders that are for active work, I always index. The advantages are:

  • I do not have to maintain two folder structures (in Finder and DT)
  • I do not have to think about the effect of changing folder contents - I add/change/remove items in the Finder folder, and the DT index automatically reflects the change.
  • If I have the Finder folder in a cloud-connected location (such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive, then the index continues to work on any IOS devices on which I have DEVONThink To Go (DTTG)

This allows me a simple workflow in which i can access a document from the Finder or from DT without worrying about integrity fo my files and folders.

The two exceptions to indexing - where I copy files into the database - is when I am archiving closed work exercises (I copy all the folders into an archive database) or for specific items I want for reference (contract documents, legal documents and so on).

I hope that helps

@ThatGuy: Thanks for the comments on your considerations. It certainly shows what I preach often: Think about these things in context of your needs and situation. You have shown logical thoughts about the choices you made.

One note:

I’m not sure of the wording here, but DTTG does not support indexed files like DEVONthink does. If you index a Dropbox folder on macOS into DEVONthink, the files in that group in DTTG will not be pointing to an external location. They will be imported files in DTTG.