Connection between Annotation file and *Annotation & Reminder* Inspector is lost


I just figured that DT do not find my existing annotation file of an item (video) in the Annotation & Reminder Inspector. The icon indicates something different. Here’s a screenshot:

Also, is it possible to manually link a markdown file as an annotation file of an item?

Did you move the original file to another database?

No, but maybe it is so because I deleted the replicant?

The replicant of the document or the annotation?

Replicating the original document, then deleting the original removes the annotation file’s connection.

Actually works fine over here.

Did you empty the database’s Trash?

PS: Bear in mind, I’m using the internal build. That’s why I’m seeing the behavior. :slight_smile:
I’m not seeing the behavior when disabling the automatic move.

That seems to be indeed an issue of the internal build if this new option is enabled but none of the public release.

I am a bit confused ^^’

I was trying to reproduce the deleting/annotation process (creating an annotation file for a replicated item) DT created only a connection with the replicated file, but not with the original file. But now it functions normally again: creating a annotation file for a replicated item leads to a connection between annotation file and original item too and deleting on of them does not remove the connection between annotation file and original or replicated item…
Is there an easier way to connect annotation file and item again without recreating an annotation file and c&p the content of the old annotation file?

No, though it may technically be possible to script.

Setting the URL of the document to the item link of the annotation should be sufficient (backwards compatibility to annotations created by version 2).

Thanks, reconnecting with pasting the item link in the URL field does enable the connection in the annotation inspector again. I’ll loose the existing URL but it’s not necessary for me.

You could copy them to the Finder comment.