considering drop sync when moving DB

I purchased a new computer and have:
-Installed software
-moved both my DB files and backups to the new computer.
-setup syncing to drop box.
-I have not opened devonthink and nor synced DT via drop box

my question:
to avoid corruption or overwriting files, should i turn off dropbox syncing prior to opening DT/all and DBs? afterwards turning sync back on when setup is complete , or does it matter?

Your DEVONthink databases should NEVER be stored in a Dropbox folder, nor synced by Dropbox.

If you are referring to normal Dropbox syncing of non-DEVONthink data, there should be no problem between it and operating DEVONthink.

And remember to exclude the /Apps/DEVONthink folder from Dropbox’s Preferences > Accounts > Selective Sync.

Thanks Bullfrog for reply:
I do not store DBs in dropbox and I do have selective sync of DT excluded.

I guess i am a little confused as to what DT sync actually syncs over drop box;the mechanics. I was under the impression that any new files added to DT were synced to other computers.

Since (DT) sync starts up when I first open up the app, and i have not yet opened the manually copied DBs (for the first time on the new computer), I did not want files being transferred/synced.


Files are not Synced to other computers except in the case of a Direct Connection Sync. With Dropbox / WebDAV / Local Sync Store Syncs, the Sync Data is sent to the Sync Location for access by other machines Syncing with the given location.

Except for setting an interval, Syncing is not automatic (ie. when you add a file, it is not automatically transmitted to another machine).

I setup sync and when i selected sync now, i get a duplicate db message asking me if i want to merge. should i proceed or will this create duplicates of all the contents in my DB?

ideally, the second machine starts without a copy of the database so you know both copies are the same form the first Sync. However, if you merge them, it should not make duplicates of the files. They should do a content merge.

But again, the ideal is pulling fresh.