Console.log file


I am preparing my upgrade to El Capitan and before performing it I do some cleaning of my HD

I discovered that there is a console.log file with à size of 45go :open_mouth: for my DTP app

Is it normal? Can I delete it ?

Thanks for your advice


Did you have any support tickets with us where we may have asked you to do some extra logging?

Yes, you can delete it. A new one will be recreated when DEVONthink launches.

thanks Bullfrog just did it

I don’t have any tickets currently with the support team but I think I know what happened.

In DTP all my databases contained indexed files and recently I moved all (db + indexed files) on a new HD (I replace my internal DVD by a HD) and when I opened DTP all indexes gone away then I was forced to re-index all and doing this I saw a pop window showing me first the deletion of the indexed files and then the creation of the new indexes.

As my files are quite numerous I imagine that all this activity (deletion and then indexation) are logged in this console.log file which then explain the size…

Just need to think of this if I have another time to re-index the files