Consolidate tags into standard groups

I have been using DT’s fantastic tags system to index files and folders and automatically insert them in an existing hierarchical folder tree with nested tags inside. This way, a lot of replicants were created. Lately, I discovered many files were vanishing in a flash after selecting them. I realized they do so because they were edited in my Windows 10 virtual machines which caused the original Finder tags to disappear from the indexed files.

To avoid bad surprises like these, I want to convert the existing tags to plain folders while keeping the replicants as such. How could I do this, without moving the files into the database?

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The easiest solution is probably to select the desired tags in the sidebar and to move them into the database.

Thanks for replying, Chris. But I have many GB of files indexed. Can’t work out how many of them have multiple tags and replicants.

The search might be useful, e.g. item:indexed item:replicated

One of the reasons I rarely post questions in the forum is that there is already abundant information to troubleshoot most problems. Maybe I’m overlooking the right fix here. But it seems to me that I had to manually move each replicant from the tags panel to a standard folder and then delete the tags.

A screenshot of an item/tag/group before/after reorganizing might by useful.

Roughly like this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.39.16
Moving replicant file to its new parent folder/group

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.47.15

I’m not good with AppleScript, so I hoped to find any other fix here for my 3GB database.

Enbling the option to exclude groups from tagging (see File > Database Properties) or excluding individual groups from tagging via the Info inspector might be sufficient too without having to move any replicants.

Thank you, Chris! You’re right. I felt discouraged of using this while in the tags view. There, in my original DB, 229 tags show up, simple tags as well as group tags. Not as simple as Cmd+A and exclude all. I want to keep non-group tags.
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 18.32.22
And btw, to add more confusion the tags view in my TEST db only shows the simple tag not the group tags at all.

So, I’ll grab some cuppa, comb down my folder tree in the Groups view, and do the “Exclude” thing. Thanks again for your time. Feel free to delete the thread if you think is irrelevant.

Feel free to delete the thread if you think is irrelevant.

It’s definitely not irrelevant.
Perhaps not everyone is doing what you’re attempting to do, but there’s usually some detail people can glean from any post. :slight_smile: