Consolidated TAG list


I have several databases that share common tags. Is it possible in DT3 to merge or consolidate all tags into a master list?

Currently, if I edit a tag in a database, then I have to make the same change in all databases where that tag is present.

or am I doing something wrong?



No, you can’t consolidate them into a master list, but viewing all Tags in all open databases is the point of the Globals > Tags section of the Navigate sidebar.

I get it would be challenging to implement. But having many databased with identical tags is a common scenario.

For example, I have a tag named “blue” in three databased; if I like to rename it to “Blue”, I have to change them one by one. Now, with hundreds of tags across more than 7 databases populated over almost 10 years, the process is simply unmanageable, so I just ignore tags.