Constant crash: cannot rebuild my database

Devonthink crashed when I was trying to index a folder. Then, it asked me to rebuild my database.
I said Yes. It exported the whole database. Now, it started to crash when importing back the data. I tried to rebuild for the whole week with no success.

Have you checked the integrity of your hardware? I recently had difficulties with DevonAgent only to find out it was a failing logic board on my iMac. There are certainly others in the forum with more expertise, just wanted to relay my experience. In my case there wasn’t an issue with my software.

Hope everything works out.


Shouldn’t other softwares fail if it were for the hardware?

My mac is working great in all other things.

Not necessarily. A failing disk could cause very isolated problems.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key to send us the crash logs, maybe they will contain some useful information.