Content of Formatted Note lost

I cut and paste from web pages into Formatted Notes—and usually it works fine.

But sometimes, it seems to work, with the exact information from the page in the FN—but then once it’s closed and reopened, much of the information is lost.

Attached are two screenshots from this page—one from right after pasting the copied page, the other after reopening the FN:

Any idea what’s going on?


I don’t have an account for The Economist but it’s very likely the image is loaded via JavaScript, likely not part of the copied data.
Do you see the same thing when capturing the entire page as a formatted note?

I’m sure you’re right about JavaScript, as there were buttons to switch map views, etc.

I’m just wondering why those functions apparently worked after I pasted them into the FN, but then disappeared after it was saved and reopened?

And, no—when I capture the whole page, it’s a total mess:

But thanks for the help!

I love DT3 so much—I barely even tap it’s potential. I only wish there was a better way to archive webpages by saving them to disk “frozen” in the state when they’re visited—but this seems to be a challenge across the board.



I’m not sure as I don’t know the technical details of the data passed by the pasteboard.

PDF is still the closest static capture available.

And thanks for the kind words! We obviously love DEVONthink as well :slight_smile:


I miss The Economist; the price just went up and up and up to the point it hurt and I had to take the decision to cancel my subscription. I got to read the article you linked to without a subscription, though - thanks for (sort of unintentionally) pointing it out to me :slight_smile: