content of link documents not accessible

Unless I’ve missed something, the content of link documents can no longer be accessed from within DT.  In 1.7.3, I was able to create a link doc and then add text to the content area.  This content area was searched and actually quite useful for associating notes with a bookmark.

The only way that I’ve found to read the content area of link docs is to drag and drop them onto TextEdit.  This displays the content, but I haven’t found a way to update the content in DT.

Perhaps these notes should have been stored in the comment field, but the comment field isn’t as easy to access or format.

Personally, I like the web page display internal to DT, but I also liked adding text to link docs.  Perhaps the need can be met if you make the comment field more convenient.  A somewhat awkward alternative might be a View menu option to display either the linked html page or the document content.

The comments field will be part of (almost) all views (e.g. note pad, outline or column) in v1.8. In addition, v1.7.5 will automatically translate the text of existing links to comments (if there’s no comment). Actually we thought nobody was using those contents - our fault  :-/

That could work out better than leaving the Show Info window open in the corner of my already overcrowded 1024x768 iBook display for viewing comments.