Content search


I’m evaluating DTPro and need some help to figure out how the search works.
I made a search for files dealing with the European Constitution (“EU-Verfassung”) in the indexed files.
If I search for “EU-Verfassung” (1. All, Phrase, Ignore case / 2. All, Joker [* or ?], Ignore case )
DT won’t find for example “EU-Verfassungsprojekt” in the document contents.
If I search with (All, All words, Ignore case), I get every file with “EU” and/or “Verfassung”.

What am I doing wrong?

In the current version Wildcards only work for Name searches.

I would have expected the Phrase search to find the extended term. Try Exact. Check to see if there was any difference in the spelling.

Thanks for your answer.
Exact doesn’t work, spelling is correct.
Any chance to get Wildcards for Content searches in DTPro 2.0 ?

Likely so.