Content sorting

I know that filenames can be sorted, but what about their content on the corresponding right pane? It would be useful to have control over that as well. Thanks–

Just curious … how would you sort content? The first letter? First word? Something else?

Easy, I could use numbers, alphabetical order, creation date, etc… That would give us ideal flexibility. It would avoid crowding the number of filenames RTF that we have. For example, all the information of a given book would be organized under only one RTF.

You want to put all your content into one RTF and sort it (somehow)?

I meant notes about the book, links to it, quotations…

Hi, yes, my notes about the book.

Select the RTFs you want to merge. Use Data > Merge. The originals are untouched, and you get a new merged file. If sorting is needed for the content of that merged file, DEVONthink’s RTF editor can’t do that, but many other editors do … e.g., Bean (free, and an excellent companion to DEVONthink) … or utilities, e.g., CleanHaven (not free, but handy, and you could test your sorting with the demo)