Context Menu: Title instead of memo causes coffee breaks

I’m maybe working too sloppy but sometimes I end on “set title as” (german: “Als Name übernehmen” ) in the context menu when I actually wanted to select “save as memo” (german: “Memo erfassen”).
This is no problem when the selected text is small. But when I select a text with some hundred lines, DT Pro is blocked for further work and it takes some hours until I can delete the wrong, much too long title of the document.

So my plea and suggestion: Set this two entries in the context menu apart from each other. Easiest way would be to put “copy” between them.

This doesn’t happen all the time to me, but once in a month I have this unwanted coffee break in my work.


Thank you for the feedback. The next release won’t add the “Set Title As” command to the contextual menu anymore if the selection is longer than 256 characters (as the contextual menu of plain/rich text documents already works this way).