Contextual popup

I’m also using NoteBook and one thing I miss from NoteBook in DT is a contextual pop that let me select text in other application, annotate it and store it in DT. (I don’t like the service menu, it would be much nicer to be able to use a contextual popup)

I second that!

DT Pro has a global Scripts menu script that captures selected text from the frontmost application to the Incoming group in your database. If you don’t already have such a group, it will be created and the document stored into it.

There’s a companion script in the same location (global Scripts > DEVONthink Pro) named Save Selection To… that allows you to chose the destination of text selected in the frontmost application. Note that the global scripts menu is available in all applications.

If you are in Safari, there are scripts in the global Scripts menu (quite a few of them) that allow capturing the HTML page, selected text, the text of the page, a Web archive, an image, linked images and so on to the DT Database. That’s in addition to the Services options in Safari.

Personally, I don’t use the Services option in Safari except when I’m appending a second or third page to a just-captured page. Or doing a Lookup of a word or title in my DT Pro database. :slight_smile:

Added by edit: In fact, I don’t capture from Safari very often. I do most of my Web browsing from DEVONagent (which is my default browser) or from the browser in DT Pro. Reason: There are excellent contextual menu option choices available, already. Great ergonomics!

While this is better it’s still not what I would like to see. It’s too much work to move the mouse to the menubar and then select the info, using a contextual menu is much easier.

Contextual menu plugins will definitely come.

With OMCEdit, you can write yourself contextual menu items. (Apllescripts, or shell scripts). Peharps this could help you?


But while you’re waiting you can’t get much easy than highlighting the information you want, pressing Command-Shift-zero, and having the selection transferred straight to DT. I use these hotkeys all the time.

Similarly, I’ve assigned key combinations to the Services (F8 for take Rich Note, Opt-F8 for take Plain Note, Cmd-F8 for Append Rich Note and CmdOpt-F8 for append Plain Note) In the Keyboard Shortcuts Pane in System Prefs.
Works Great.

Can you say yet whether they’ll appear in a 1.x update or in 2.x?

Probably in v2.0 (the next release, v1.1., will be more or less a maintenance release and will improve only minor issues).

Thanks, Christian. It was more a question of curiosity than being a feature that’s high priority for me.

I’m completely new to this app… looks much beter than its competition (StickyBrain and Yojimbo for a start).

[color=indigo]I’d like to REALLY be able to use it as my Web Browser as well… and for this I’d need my bookmarks to be easily accessed as a rolldown menu somewhere, either contextual or in the toolbar, does not matter but it has to roll down LOL Otherwise I go nuts.

Also I did set DevonThink Pro as my broswer… but it does not seem to receive calls… Illustration: [color=indigo]Thanks to BUTLER I have a system-wide ROLLDOWN (I just love those)menu for my Safari Bookmarks but it does not do anything when I use it with DTP as my browser …

[color=indigo]Or I guess, it could be great to be able to access my Safari bookmarks without importing them in DTP base, so that I have only one set, otherwise I’kll get CONFUSED LOL

[color=indigo]Finally, how do I use DTP as a Web Broswer, I mean is there any way I can type in my URL without first creating a bookmark ?! Jsut in the address bar basically…

To be honest, DEVONthink Pro was never intended as a “real” Web browser. What it does, is, it allows you to view “live” Web pages side-by-side with your local documents. This feature is only one part of DEVONthink Pro and could be considered as some sort of a “document-oriented Web browser.”

If you are looking for a typical Web browser, you should have a look at DEVONagent (