Contextual replicate

In V2 I could select to replicate a group from the contextual menu but in V3 it’s not in the menu. What am I missing?
*I’m trying to replicate a group located in the sidebar.

-Edit. I figured out that I have to select the enclosing group to the group I want to replicate and then choose to replicate from the middle window. Also important to NOT have Show Only Documents selected in the menu.

I keep tripping over the fact that sidebar entries are not treated the same as “middle window” entries. Maybe I’ll have got that into my head by the time DT4 is released :wink:

The Data > Replicate command has been removed as multiple replicants of one item inside the same group aren’t supported by the synchronization and as Cmd-Alt drag & drop can be used to replicate items (or the Replicate To contextual menu).