Control buttons needed for media previewing in DTP

I have a folder in one of my databases which has Mp3s in it. If I select an Mp3, then DTP automatically loads it and begins playing it before I can select ‘open with’.

Either the behaviour should change so that you need to double-click the media file to start it playing in DTP or there needs to be ‘start/stop’ functions in the DTP preview player. If I select ‘open with’ and choose Quicktime, the file will still keep playing in DTP and there’s no way to shut it off so I can just listen from Quicktime.

Also, I noticed if you change documents/folders/databases in DTP while playing a media file, the media file related to the document/ folder/database you’re exiting stops playing.

Might be nice to be able to switch around to other things and keep an Mp3 or video file playing, particularly if it’s related to some research you’re doing and you need to listen/view while doing something else in DTP.

Just my two cents.

Controls will be added to an upcoming release.

Just open the file in its own window.