control-click crash

This may be a bug report, but: I can consistently cause DT PE 1.7.2 to "unexpectedly quit" if I control-click or right-click on an item title other than the one currently showing in the browser. I keep forgetting about this and then I righ-click to get the contextual menu to move an item or to toggle its outline status, and bam! DT unexpectedly quits and I lose all changes since the last "save."  Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Do you usually use column views (see menu "View")? Then you might try another view until DT 1.7.3 will be available.

Thanks for the response. The problem occurs in column, notepad, and outline view.

Are there any contextual menu plugins installed on your system? Or other third party extensions like input managers?