Control over grouping of new notes

The one aspect of DT Pro that I wish was a little more controllable is the behavior and placement of new notes created from material grabbed off the web. I often find myself grabbing and then having to go through extra steps to put the material where I want it.

Specifically, I wish:

  1. Take A (Plain or Rich) Note'' in Services said, instead,Take A Note and Place It In … ‘’ with a list of groups I have marked for this level of access.

  2. That the ``Save to DevonThink’’ service in the Print dialogue also allowed me to place, as well as name, the newly entered file

  3. There was a way in Preferences to say ``Touch Every Newly Created Note’’ automatically. It is maddening to hunt for a new pdf that doesn’t appear at the top of a date-based view – because the System tallies it according to when it was modified by its author in 2003! Here, as with the Finder and Safari, I am often thrown by this approach. What matters to me most of the time is when a file was DOWNLOADED to my drive. I don’t care when it was created or modified elsewhere. (I may later, but that’s not what I need for my housekeeping when I first collect the text.)

Anyone else thinking along these lines?


good suggestions…


did you try the history menu command in the tools menu? There you can find files by date created and easily any document created recently. The can be replicated, moved etc. like in a normal window.


That solves it. Thanks! Sorry to be so late in replying!

Yes, I would like very much to see this development!

Also, I am maintaining two DT Pro databases on my computer. I would be very pleased to be able to keep both open simultaneously and to transfer files/groups back and forth between them. Not an urgent need, nor as important as the above two requests, but it would certainly be a welcome addition.