Controlled Import Location Feature

I think one feature that is sorely lacking is the ability to turn on Controlled Import Location: i.e. DT pulls up a check list of all of the groups and sub groups (i.e. the left panel and then you select one or more groups and it is imported into each of those groups so you can easily import the files where they are meant to go instead of finding them afterwards and draging and dropping them to the correct location

This is a feature that would greatly enhance the expierence on DevonThink PO


This has been requested previously by others as well.

I agree that it would make the user experience more satisfying.

My guess is that we’ll see something like this in DTP 2.0.

Hopefully before that as well :wink:

Ok thanks I haven’t looked around the feature request to see what others have said thanks though :slight_smile:

Have you tried the Tools > Show Groups… and unset the option “Hide ‘Groups Panel’ when inactive” in the General Preferences tab? This will allow you to drag and drop to that panel from any application that supports the data transfer.

Yes I have but the problem there is when I take notes from the dashboard, or use my keyboard shortcut in Safari for adding webpages it automatically gets put in one group so there is an extra step that could be elimitated with this addition.