Controlling Search Locations on DevonThink Server

So I am an attorney and I recently upgraded to the Server edition so that I can share a database of case files with my partner who is PC only. I have the server set up and working.
He is not able to (and I cannot figure it out either) limit his search query to a group, it searches all databases or a specific database.
For example, when we need to search a particular case, the docs are all contained in a group nested within another group. Is it possible to limit the search only to that group? Or to get more granular with the search?


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Welcome @NBG82

Currently, a scope: selection isn’t supported in the web sharing interface.

only control database。

maybe create new database ,create new user chioce this.

Can you clarify what you’re suggesting?

That’s sad. Web server is so limited, while costs so much.

Yes @ruby it is disappointing. That said, overall I’ve been very happy with the web server so I don’t have many complaints. And hopefully they will implement the feature to limit the scope of searches in the web server soon.

BTW, thanks for letting me know the answer @BLUEFROG, I appreciated the quick response.

You’re very welcome and we’re glad to hear the web sharing is working well for you :slight_smile: