Controls are too dim

Controls in DEVONthink to Go on iOS / iPadOS 13.x are too light to be distinguishable and usable. When first looking at a dialog, it appears controls are “grayed out” and inactive, but that is not the case.

Agreed. Worse on my iPhone than iPad for some reason.

It’s a dark mode thing — the controls appear marginally better in light mode, but still difficult. (The app is not optimized for low vision situations, btw.)

It is indeed a dark mode artifact. DEVONthink To Go doesn’t have explicit support for dark mode at this time. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

To be clear, I am not interested in DEVONthink to Go supporting dark mode. Applications like DEVONthink are best when not in dark mode. I’m just looking for controls that are visible.



Respectfully disagree though I can see why you’d write that. :wink:

I like dark mode in general, especially when it’s at night, but I do agree that some documents look better in light mode. In fact, sometimes you have to view them in light mode in order to actually read them.

I noticed the Airmail iOS app, when in dark mode, has a button that hovers in the lower right corner that allows you to view the email in light mode. This is extremely convenient and would like to see something like this in DTTG, as I think it would solve a few issues when using dark mode.

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